8 to 9 Rules!

Recently, I’ve been spending my time a lot in accessing and playing around in the social media applications, especially on Path and Instagram.

I think nearly 50% of my days I’ve spent on scrolling down those social media pages to get to know about other’s people life, daily. And I feel very sad about it. I mean what is so interesting about people’s life? really? I didn’t know when this habit started. But I remember precisely that I wasn’t like this back then. I was very apathetic with any other people’s life update beside my life and my loved ones. My life was so super exciting till I have no time for the other.

Then why now? Guess I’m having a not so interesting life anymore? LOL. No of course. It’s just a bad habit that is starting like youngster nowadays. And I strongly don’t want to be like that!

So, I set rules for my self. That I can only access Path & Instagram in certain period of time in one day. For the sake of making my time more precious and productive rather than spending it on scrolling down about something that doesn’t really affect my life.

Thus, I decided to make a scheme like this: that I can only access them from 8 to 9. 8 to 9 am and 8 to 9 pm. I call it 8 to 9 rules! And today is the second day! I am definitely a survival! I survived my rules gloriously for two days. 😀

The coolest thing is, by doing this scheme, when I entered the 8 to 9 period, accessing them doesn’t feel like it’s a curios thing anymore. I mean, when I’m usually idle, I can access them like in every 10 minutes. But now, even that I have one hour to access them, I feel like 5 minutes is enough, and then close the apps. Not opening it anymore.

Yeah I know it’s just the second day! But I’m an optimistic and I’m sure this is gonna work awesomely! Let’s make it werk!

So, goodbye to those wasted brainless times! 😉


One of my bestfriend is officially a Mom!

Oh how happy to hear that one of my bestfriend is finally giving birth to her first very handsome son whose named Keiran! When me and the gank got the news, we could not be any more happy and excited than anything in the world. It was the most beautiful news ever! The happiness even got more intense when she shared Baby Keiran picture on our group chats, it was very touching for me!

I’m planning to see them in the hospital tomorrow morning, I really cannot wait! Even when it is still dawn and if only they can accept visitors in the early morning, I would really love to go there at 4am! LOL!

By the way, I always dream about having a son and becoming bestfriend with him, he will be my best partner in the world in everything I do. He would be my whole world. I would love him unconditionally!

God, please make the time perfect for me. 🙂

What does Friendship mean?

I never thought about how have i been doingh all of this times to my friends.

Have i been a really good friend to them? Or just a friend that is remembered the least.

Have i ever been in a position that is really needed by them?

I don’t know the answer. All i know is i have best friends which whom i always need.

Friendship for me is a natural click between minimum two persons. By natural i mean it just formed smoothly without force.

You know when you are in the middle of conversation, and you feel uncomfortable yet you still manage to be in it just to keep up with the talks, that’s one sign that it’s not natural between you guys. No matter how hard you try to throw some jokes even though they enjoy it so much, but it’s burdened you. It’s business then, not friendship.

Friendship won’t need any effort to get clicked to each other. Friendship won’t need any routine catch up to make you keep befriended, unless your friend is your client. Once you are clicked to each other, unless you have a very serious issue, you will be befriended forever.

Maybe it sounds a littlr too self centered, but it is friendship in my opinion (and i think some of my friend would think the same).

Now the problem is, whether your friends have the same feeling towards you. Do they look you the way yo do? That’s the biggest question of all times and sometimes the answer are rather hurtful.

Of course It is indeed wonderful if the feeling is reciprocal. But then again, friendship is not a political interest. Thus it cannot be forced.

The way i see it, the key to keep us happy is to maintain that good friends of yours that has been always pure to you and avoid those forced relationship.

Bear in mind that it is forced because maybe they cannot accept you in the first place. Why push it then?


I tried my best.

I tried my best.

But never seemed to be satisfying.

I tried my best.

But always ended up with most corrections i’ve ever had.

I tried my best.

But sometimes it just left out there, not even got looked.

I tried my best.

But never seemed to meet the standard.

I tried my best.

But always seemed like it was just another mediocre things.

I tried my best. I pushed my limit.

But believe me, it was all felt like it is valued to almost nothing.

I tried my best. I always did.

I tried my best to absorb countless unknown bizarre things as fast as I can, but never seemed to make me got smarter even a bit.

I tried my best. I tried my best. I tried my best.

I’m a wooden-headed it seems. I’m a fool.

I tried my best.

And will never stop doing my best.

How to Shoo Away Your Boredom (5 most likely ways you could consider)


Are you bored now? Are you feeling that bored till you have to google your way out from the boring situation and landed on my page? Aha gotcha! 😉 . Well If you are, let me tell you a wicked quote I just read on Maria Sample book entitled Where’d You Go Bernadette. She snapped this to her daughter Bee when Bee said that she was bored:

“That’s right, you’re bored. And I’m going to tell you a little secret about life. You think it’s boring now? Well, it only gets more boring. The sooner you learn it’s on you to make life interesting, the better off you’ll be”

That’s the point, if you are feeling bored. That is on you. That you cannot make your life interesting enough on how hard (or flat) your situation may strike. it’s all about our perspective on the situation that we are facing. I myself, sometimes feel those kind of situation though but I always try to wiggle my way out through it. Here are some tips for you when you’re feeling super bored on your bed in the night or on the weekend till you have to share it on your Path says “I’m Bored” or “Somebody kidnap me please” and you’ll get hundreds of frown and laugh on it but still no one taking you out. Ouch.

  1. Catching up with friends via text. A little hello with a wink to an old friend wouldn’t be that hurt would it? Oh how exciting it is to know what is your friend up to after all those time you haven’t contacted each other. Who would’ve thought that they might kidnap you for real for the next Saturday night? ;). Just remember one thing: do not attempt to remind them to pay off their long-time-ago debt to you. In case you remember, just let it go.
  2. Try finishing those unfinished books you’ve bought centuries ago. I remember buying those books I fell in love with in Bookstore, but the works has just consumed me so much till I don’t always have time to please my self off on them. I assume a lot of you might have felt the same. Research shows that reading books can reduce your  stress. While you are bored, you must be feeling stress of having nothing to do so it’s good for you. Now what are you waiting for? Go grab those books you’ve been stacking under your make up box and friggin read it. Just a single advise though: try not to pick your old books that content of political conspiration in the late 20s. Just please don’t.
  3. Bother your neighbor. I know for a fact that you live on earth so you must be having a lot of people around you living their life. Though not a lot of people paying attention to their neighborhood environment. But it’s worth a try. Just knock on your neighbor’s door trying to be friendly and so forth, then observe their reaction, you might find your bored partner for life and live happily ever after (it only happens in Saturn btw). No, I mean it, who would’ve thought that you might find yourself at the same situation and going out for a drink? That sounds super nice. Spoiler alert: please be selective on picking your neighbor to be bothered to. You wouldn’t want a flying plate landed on your head when a married couple is having a fight.
  4. Watching and streaming online. This is one of my favorite. Unlike those bastard guy, the Internet never had the will to let me down (pardon my pathetic tale). I am highly satisfied upon their update about the things I need the most: series and movies. Oh how I love it about them! I won’t never get bored if I get to know that my series is coming in soon and I get to watch it online.
  5. Play The Sims or Oh! Let’s Get Rich! Still feeling bored? Just play The Sims then (does it still exist though? are they still playing it now?)! Try building an enormous palace and making dozens of babies on it. Don’t worry there will come the time for you to eventually get it real in real world, be patient about it. Still not feeling excited, oh just try and download this Let’s Get Rich game then. Collect as many pendants as you can. And share hundreds of clovers in a day to your friends contact. I am certain it will shoo away your boredom by facing the complains from your furious friends towards your clovers delivery.

Well, in the end let me come back to the point that, it is on you to decide your situation to be or not to be boring. It is on your own perspective. Despite all of those impressive ideas I’ve shared you above, I’m sure that you have a lot of way impressiver ideas than me to kill your boredom by your own unique way. Just do it naturally, and you’ll get excited just by yourself!

This is what it said.

feeling is confusing…
i really never get the idea why God gives human the ability to feel something. feel something in their heart.
to differentiate them from animal?
human have more intelligent brain though, i think that is enough. don’t you?

feeling is confusing…
the brain cannot understand it
the words cannot soothe it

feeling is terrifying…
I fear of its uncontrollable power
I fear of its capability to tear it own self apart

feeling is terrifying…
once you are trapped in it, every step you take might lead you to irrational decision
once you are trapped in it, you might be brainless for the rest of your life

“next thing you know, you’ll end up with regret and sorrow.
or not.”

said the feeling every single fuckin time.